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The Other_Subculture_Wilder Mann_Charles Freger_Tribal Europe_00


Photography by Charles Fréger
Text by Sophie Pinchetti

Pulsing through the veins of the Earth, there are myths as old as time. Some fade into oblivion. But some survive. Part man, part beast, the Wild Man is the quintessential “Other” – this stranger and rebel outsider – our primal counterpart.

Persisting against the odds of today’s digital age, masquerades around the world continue to pay homage to this figure haunting our consciousness since our ancestors first formed nomad tribes or settled into agricultural communities. It’s nothing you can tune into using a Wi-Fi connection: this is a tale speaking of roots and forces beyond the control of man. Dressed as a goat, a devil, a bear or a monster with jaws of steel, the wild man belongs to a realm populated of dreams and myths.
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